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Technical Questions
  • Why it showed the partition cannot be locked? What should I do before extending my partition?
    Because some applications is running on the partition you want to resize, We highly suggest you close all other applications when running our product; If possible, we suggest you do a defragment for all of partition.
  • The program is not response when locking volume, how do I?
    You can forcibly end task by using Task Manager, and re-run the Aomei Partition Assistant, redo the operation before. When press the Shift key, and click the Apply button on toolbar to solve the lock issue volume.
  • To resize a partition, how long will I take?
    It depends on the amount of data, such as: 40GB may take 8 minutes, 200GB data processing may take 30 minutes. You should also notice that the more bad-sector or defragmenter you have, the longer time you will take. For data protection, please do not shut down or restart your computer directly if the resizing process seems to stop running, instead, please check whether the indicator light of the disk is still blinking or not, if so, our program is still running. So, we suggest you wait patiently and see whether the situation would be better.
  • Can Aomei Partition Assistant support dynamic disk?
    A dynamic disk can not be supported by Aomei Partition Assistant; you can convert dynamic disk to basic disk with Dynamic Disk Converter, and then run Aomei Partition Assistant on a MBR basic disk
  • Can I use Aomei Partition Assistant to extend the VM virtual disk?
    No, you can't. Aomei Partition Assistant supports extend virtual partition but not disk.

  • Purchase & Download Questions

  • Is my online order secure?
    Your online order form is 100% secure. All data exchanged during the payment process is SSL-secured. Order secure server at RegNow.com, a veteran ecommerce company, which specializes in software. You will be connected to the SECURE page to enter your credit-card information safely.
  • What payment methods do you support?
    We accept Visa, MasterCard/Euro Card, Discover, American Express, Diner's Club, JCB, and check cards or ATM cards connected with one of the major credit card companies listed above. We also accept Bank/Wire Transfer, Check/Money Order, Fax - Credit Card, Invoice.
  • Before I purchase the software, can I have a try? What's the limitation of DEMO version?
    Of course, you can download demo version and try! The DEMO allows you to resize, move, create, copy partition, etc. The only limitation is that demo version can not save changes to physical disk. You need to buy the full version. For the full version, please go to online purchase. Before you purchase the full version, we suggest you try the demo version.
  • How to deliver products after purchasing?
    Full version download link automatically goes to your e-mail in a priority sequence within several minutes after confirmation of your purchase. Please indicate your e-mail correctly while purchasing or contact [email protected] if you encountered problems.
  • What's the Refund Policy?
    We are confident that our software will work for you. All of our products support 90-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, simply request a refund by emailing to [email protected] Please provide your order number if you wish to request a refund.

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