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How to Extend Primary Partition in Windows 7?

When searching on Google, we can find that many people ask about how to extend primary partition in Win7. What makes users want to do that? We all know that Windows 7 32 bit needs 15-20GB to install while 64 bit requires 25-30GB. However, if we used Windows XP previously, there would not be enough space to install large size operating system. Therefore, after upgrading XP to Win 7, we always get the low disk space warning "You are running very low on disk space on OS(C :). To free space on this drive by deleting old or unnecessary files, click here…" This is an important reason for users to extend primary partition in windows 7.

Compared with Windows 2000 and XP, Windows 7 Disk Management tool contains two new features that support extending and shrinking volumes on some occasions.

Extend Primary Partition Windows 7 with Disk Management

Here we are going to discuss how to extend primary partition with Win7 built-in disk manager in two cases.

Case 1: there is an unallocated space following the volume that needs to be extended. First, launch Win7 Disk Management by right-click on "my computer">select "Manage">"storage" > "Disk Management". Then right-click on the primary partition that we want to extend, select "Extend Volume" and follow the wizard to finish extending operations.

Extend Volume Is Available

Case 2: there is no unallocated space on the disk or the unallocated space is not behind the volume that needs to be extended.

Extend Volume Grayed Out

When there is no unallocated space behind C drive, the "Extend Volume" will be grayed out; we have to delete the following primary volume to generate an unallocated space and then extend it. If the following volume is a logical partition, after deleting, it can only generate a free space, which can not be added to primary volume. In this case, we have to delete the free space again to change it to unallocated space. If the unallocated space is not behind drive C, we cannot use it to extend C drive.

From this case, we can know it is difficult to extend partition with Win7 snap-in disk management tool and time-consuming to backup data before deleting. Why not use a third-party disk manager to manage hard drive, such as AOMEI Partition Assistant, which is an easy-to-use and powerful software.

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