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How to Change Partition Size in Windows 7?

Currently, updates and installations of programs, hot fixes, patches, service packs, large size of files and documents and so many other things take up a lot space of system volume, which will lead to the partition runs out of space, the system crashes and computer runs unstably and solely, etc. However, the size of the system partition is always small set by the computer manufactures. So we have to redistribute the hard drive by ourselves.

The comparison of the three methods to change partition size

There are three ways to change partition size for Windows 7, such as Windows built-in Disk Management utility, the Diskpart command, and partition manger software –>AOMEI Partition Assistant. The following chart is the comparison of the three ways to resize partition in Windows 7.

Windows7 Disk management Diskpart Aomei Partition Assistant
Extend system partition Yes
(limitation: unallocated space behind system partition)
(limitation: unallocated space behind system partition)
Shrink partition Yes
(limitation: you can only create unallocated space behind the partition)
(limitation: you can only create unallocated space behind the partition)
(you can create unallocated space at the both sides of the partition)
Move partition No No Yes
Create partition Yes Yes Yes

Through the diagram, we can know the shortcomings of the snap-in Disk Management and Diskpart command, while AOMEI Partition Assistant is a comprehensive and multi-functional partition software. So it may be the best choice for Windows 7 users to extend boot partition.

Change partition size in Windows 7 with AOMEI Partition Assistant

The following picture is an example of the unreasonable distribution of a hard drive. The size of C drive is 12 GB, while drive F is 23.88 GB. So our purpose is to shrink F to extend C.

Computer management

Note: With Windows 7 built-in Disk Management, there must be an unallocated space behind the partition if we want to extend it. If not, we have to delete the following partition to generate unallocated space to extend.

Step1. Launch Partition Assistant, right-click F: drive and select "resize partition".

Main interface

Step2. In the dialog box, drag the slider bar rightwards to adjust the partition size. Then click "Ok".

Shrink F

Step3. Select C: drive, repeat step1 and step2 to extend it.

Extend C

Step4. Finally, click "Apply" on the tool bar to save the changes.

Save the changes

All done, we can see the changes through the above screenshot. No matter what partition problems in Windows7 we want to deal with, AOMEI Partition Assistantcan help us achieve it easily and safely. What we need to do is free download magic windows 7 and launches it, with a few clicks and drags, the problem will be solved.

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