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How to Add Unallocated Space to System Partition in Windows 7

Question: I have both Windows 7 and XP on my hard drive and the disk space is insufficient, so I decide to delete and format the volume which stores Windows XP operating system to generate an unallocated space. After doing that,how could I add the unallocated space into system partition which stored Windows 7?

In forums, there are many computer users asking about such questions. After upgrading our XP operating system to Windows7, we can obviously feel that the disk space of drive C is nearly full, while other volume is almost empty. We all know Windows7 built-in disk management tool have two new added features: Extend and Shrink Volume which enable us resize partition directly. In such cases, most of us want to shrink the empty one to extend C drive. Will it work? Please read on.

Windows7 snap-in Disk Management Tool

First, please look at the following screenshot:

Computer Management

Through this picture, we can see even though there is an unallocated space in the hard disk, "Extend Volume" is still greyed out. That is because Windows 7 snap-in Disk Management has some limitations, such as the unallocated space must be right behind the volume that needs to be extended. So, we can make a conclusion that Win7 built-in disk management tool is not ideal to manage hard drive. Since it is not work in some cases, we have to find some other tools to assist us.

Add unallocated space to partition with reliable software

When we used Windows 2000 and XP, its disk management tool has no resize function. At that time, many people used a partition software named Partition Magic to resize volume. However, this magic software has not been updated since it was purchased by another corporation many years ago. So far, it can only support Windows 2000 and XP, not including Windows vista/7/2008/8.

Luckily, as partition magic alternative, AOMEI Partition Assistant is regarded as the latest and excellent third-party software. As for adding unallocated space to partition in Windows7, it provides several ways:

  1. If there is an unallocated space on the disk, we can use "Merge" function to add it to C drive.
  2. If there is no unallocated space, its "Resize" and "Move" features also can help to increase C: space.
  3. It also provides another feature "Allocate Free Space" to allocate the free space from one volume to system volume.
  4. Its "Extend Partition Wizard" option can extend boot partition without losing data and restarting computer.

Through these functions, we can see AOMEI software is a powerful and multi-functional disk manager. Here is a screenshot of it in windows7:

Main Interface and Some Key Features

Is your Win7 system volume in low disk space? Are you wondering how to add the unallocated space to C drive? You could now free download this magic disk manager to solve these difficult problems and experience its many other features.

Download Link: http://www.partition-magic-windows7.com/download.html

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