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How to Partition a Hard Drive in Windows 7?

When install a new hard drive, we need to partition it to several volumes, so that it is easy to store different files and documents. Then, how to partition it in Windows 7? This article is going to introduce two methods to achieve this goal.

Win 7 built-in Disk Management

Windows 7 is an improvement compared with its earlier operating systems (Windows XP/2003/2000), because it includes a built-in partition manager utility. Windows 7 built-in Disk Management allows the user to shrink an existing volume, freeing up hard drive space for new volume without formatting or re-installing. In the first place, open "Disk Management" under "Storage" by right clicking "Computer" and select"Manage". Then use the inbuilt new function,"Extend Volume" "Shrink Volume" and "New Simple Volume", and follow the wizard, the hard drive can be redistributed. The following is the picture of Windows 7 snap-in facility.

AOMEI Partition Assistant

Except Win 7 Disk Management, AOMEI Partition Assistant can also partition a hard drive. It is a all-in-one partition manager that can create new volume just by one-click, and adjust the size of it manually. Its "Create Partition" helps maximize the disk space performance. AOMEI also has many other features, such as resizing volume to make the best use of disk space, merging two contiguous drives into one, splitting one volume into two or more, allocating free space from one volume to extend another, etc.

By contrast, we can see that AOMEI Partition Assistant is easier to use and more powerful. It also has many other helpful functions that Windows computer management doesn't have. Therefore, please free download it and try its magic features.

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