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Add Unallocated Space to System Partition (C: Drive) In Windows 7

"I just had Windows 7 and XP on two different partitions. I formatted and deleted my XP partition and now I have all this unallocated space, how do I add the unallocated space to my Windows 7 partition?"

After searching some forums, such kind of questions could be found easily. After upgrading operation system from XP to Windows 7 or Windows Vista, people always find that their system partition is close to saturation. In order to solve this problem, people decide to make use of some free space from other partition to increase system partition size. However, when they delete some trashy partition or shrink volume (new feature in Windows 7 and Vista) to get some unallocated space, the question is how to add unallocated space to system partition.

Disk Management helps you merge unallocated space in Windows 7?

In order to assist users to resize partition Windows 7, Microsoft added the new features "extend volume" and "shrink volume", however, these two functions don't work as users' expectation. You may find the "extend volume" always grayed out as below:

Extend volume grayed out

As you see, even though there's unallocated space, you still can not add unallocated space to system partition with Windows 7 snap-in Disk Management. This is because Disk Management has lots of limitations on managing partition in Windows 7. To learn more details about "Windows 7 Disk Management. If the Disk Management doesn't work, is there any other way to add unallocated space to system partition?

In the past, when there's no resize feature in Windows 2000, XP. People always use Partition Magic to resize partition. However, for some reasons Partition Magic has not upgraded for a long time, by now, the latest edition Partition Magic 8.0 cannot be compatible with Windows 7. Fortunately, Aomei Partition Assistant Prof Edition is considered as the latest Partition Magic Windows 7 which is special designed for Windows 7. It could not only support Windows 7 both 32bit and 64bit but also the newest package Windows7 Sp1. Add unallocated space to system partition is just one of the highlights.

Partition Magic Windows 7 assists you to add unallocated space to system partition (C: drive)

Note: If there's already some unallocated space behind system partition, please directly go to "Step4", if not, please refer to this example step by step. In this tutorial, we have two partitions, a small system partition(C: drive) with Windows7 and a larger data partition (D: drive) with some free space.

Step1. Launch Aomei Partition Assistant Pro Edition, right-click D: drive (secondary partition) and select "Resize"

Main interface of PA

Step2. In the pop-up window, drag right handle leftwards to shrink drive D to get some unallocated space. Then click "OK"

Shrink volume

Step3. Right-click D: drive and select "Move", in the pop-up window, position mouse pointer on the D partition when it change to cross and drag it rightwards, then click "OK"

Move partition

After "step3", you may find the unallocated space is now behind system partition (C: drive).

Step4. Select system partition (C: drive) on the main interface, drag right handle rightwards to add unallocated space to C drive.

Add unallocated space to system

Step5. Finally, click "Apply" on the toolbar to save changes.

Apply operation

Note: After clicking "Apply", if there's a step that needs to reboot but you don't want to, please check and close all live applications in the partition. Undo this step, and do it again.

When the operation progress complete, you could find this partition magic Windows 7 has assisted you to add unallocated space to system partition without any risk. Now you could download partition magic for windows 7 this Windows7 partition manager and try.

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