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Resize Partition in Windows Vista 32/64 Bit System Safely and Easily

Advantages/disadvantages of Vista Disk Management

Similar to Windows 7, the older operating system Windows Vista built-in Disk Management given the resize feature, of course it also holds the same limitations as follow:

  1. Contiguous unallocated space required.

  2. Move partition is not support (Limitation 1 reflected).

  3. Partition only can be shrunk up to half of total capacity.

Suitable partition magic for Vista

In order to break the limitations above, Partition Assistant plays the major role in resizing partition in Vista 32 and 64 bit. Compare to Vista Disk Management, it can move partition without losing data which indirectly transcends the limitation of contiguous unallocated space. It worked as magic partition manager for Vista, did the complex tasks safely and easily as real assistant.

Get tutorial of Vista resize partition 32/64 bit

  1. After launch Aomei Partition Assistant Professional Edition will get the following screenshot which contains the partitions info:

    Aomei Partition Assistant main interface

  2. Right click D: partition and choose "Resize" option:

    Resize D: partition

    Shrink D: partition as following do and click 'OK":

    Shrink D: partition

  3. Exchange the location between unallocated space and D: partition. choose "Move" after right click "D" partition:

    Move unallocated space

    Exchange D and unallocated space

  4. After moved the partition, choose resize option by clicking C: partition and get the new window:

    Extend C: drive by dragging rightwards

  5. Preview the changes and click "Apply":

Something necessary about the tutorial (supplement)

  1. Operate type:

    • Directly proceed the tasks in the main interface

    • The function buttons on toolbar, sidebar

    • Get the new window work through right click

  2. Target partitions

    In the tutorial, we take C: partition which needs to be extended for example, users can get the same method to resize other partitions.

  3. Preview the changes

    There is "Pending Operation" box located at the left lower, check the operations correctness in case of the wrong operation.

You can download partition magic for windows 7 and try it now!

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