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How to Split C Drive into Two Partitions for Windows 7?

Problem about split C drive with disk mangement

I just bought a new laptop, and for some reason the manufacturer decided that one great C: drive and no other (user available) partitions was the way to go. I would like to have two partitions - one for OS/Program files and one for my personal data (documents, photos etc.).

I tried using built-in Windows 7 Disk Management, but it doesn't work as expected. After shrinking C: drive to make space for the next partition available, I right-click the unallocated space and select "New simple volume...". I click "next" in all the steps of the wizard, and at the end Disk Management remind me if I want to create a dynamic drive. My previous experience with dynamic drives tells me this is a really bad idea, so I say no, and the entire process is cancelled.

How to split C drive in Windows 7 easily and safely?

As mentioned above, it's not easy for Windows 7 users to split C drive to create partition by using snap-in Disk Management. At the same time, C drive contains Windows and other important data. Each step of operations may cause system crash or data loss. Therefore, reliable and magic Windows 7 partition manager is the best solution.

As a professional Partition Magic Windows 7, Partition Assistant Pro Edition can help you split C drive to create new partition without losing data and formatting.

Step by step instruction:

Here we have an example based on Windows 7, in this example we have only system partition. Our aim is to split C drive into two partitions.

Partition Configuration

Step1 Launch Partition Assistant Pro Edition, right click C drive and select "Split".

split partition

Step2. In the pop-up window, drag the handle leftwards or rightwards to resize the new partition and the source partition. Then click "OK".

split partition into two

Step3. Click "Apply" to commit the split operation.

commit split partition

After rebooting computer, you will find all the changes will take effect and all data is intact. As all-in-one Windows 7 partition manager software, there are lots of basic and advanced features, such as delete/format partition, extend NTFS system partition, merge partitions, clone partition/disk and convert FAT32 to NTFS, etc. Why not download partition magic for windows 7 and check how it works?

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