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Can I Use Disk Management to Shrink Windows 7 Volume without Limitations?

Many brand name computer users, no matter a laptop or a desk top, were always puzzled by the same problem. When they get a new computer, they may find that the hard disk has been partitioned already by the manufacturers. However, the partition seems not logical. There are two situations, one is setting up only one big drive, another is setting up a small system partition C: drive and a big data partition. In both situations, users are not satisfied. They have to shrink volume on Windows 7 at first and then create or extend partition.

Shrink volume in Windows 7 with Disk Management

Compare with Windows XP, the Disk Management in Windows 7 has added two new features "extend/shrink volume". With the help of those two features, resize partition seems to be feasible. Let's see how to shrink volume in Windows 7 with Disk Management

Step1. Run the Disk Management, right click the partition you want to shrink and select "shrink volume" (here we select F: partition)

Shrink F: Volume

Step2. In the pop-up window, you can only enter the amount less than available shrink space. After inputting the required amount of space, click the "Shrink".

Click Shrink

You will find there is new unallocated space behind F: drive, then the operation has been done.

New Unallocated Space

Note: You can only shrink volume which is NTFS file system. What's more, if you are shrinking volume with FAT or FAT 32 file system, it may lead your data might get destroyed.

Partition Assistant Pro Edition to Shrink Windows 7 Volume

As above mentioned, we could know there are still some limitations and risks to shrink volume on Windows 7 with disk management, let alone to extend system partition. Therefore, many technicians highly recommend using the latest partition magic windows 7-Partition Assistant Pro Edition to help you shrink volume on Windows 7 or fix partition problems, such as low disk space and drive running out of space, all of those problems could be solved in a few minutes. This partition utility is easy to use even for a fresh bee and it supports all the Windows operating system and all the file system. You need not to worry about your data loss during your operation. From the main interface of Partition Assistant, each feature could be seen clearly as following:

Partition Assistant Professional Edition

Shrink volume in Windows 7 is just a piece of cake for Partition Assistant. Why not give up the insecure and complicated partition utility? Why not choose other more powerful Windows 7 partition manager? You only need to download partition magic for windows 7 right now and let all partition problems go away.

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