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How to Resize Windows 7 Partition without Losing Data?

Along with the popularization of Windows 7, more and more people have experienced magic of this latest operating system, at the same time, they always suffer from so many problems such as why the system warning me with "the drive C: is running out of space"? Why my computers run much slower after install Windows 7? Contrapose to these existing problems and analyze their causes we could know the "low disk space" and unreasonable allocation of partition is the key of these problems. To solve the problem, we need to resize partition on Windows 7.

Resize partition for Windows 7 with built-in utilities

Windows 7 Disk Management and Diskpart are two built-in utilities to help us manage partition. In Windows 7, Disk management has been added two new features "extend/shrink volume". With these two features, we could resize partition on Windows7 in theory. However, there are some limitations that make extend volume disabled. In other words, we can not solve our problem with Disk Management.

How about Diskpart?

With the help of the Diskpart, we could resize partition on Windows 7. But you need to remember so many different DOS commands. To a fresh bee, remember the Dos command is not an easy job. If you make a mistake, it will destroy your system and all your data may be wiped out. So the best way for us is to use the latest partition magic for windows 7-Partition Assistant which is more powerful than Disk Management on resizing partition. Let's see how does it work.

Resize partition on Windows 7 with an easy way

Note: To extend partition, there must be some unallocated space beside the partition, for example, we have two partitions C: drive and D: partition. In order to extend system partition (C: drive), we should shrink D: partition to create some unallocated space behind C: drive.

Step1. Launch Partition Assistant Pro Edition, and right-click D: partition to select "Resize"

Partition Assistant Professional Edition

Step2. In the pop-up window, drag left partition handle rightwards to free up unallocated space and click "OK".

Shrink D: partition

Step3. Then you will find some unallocated space behind C: drive, select C: drive on the disk map and position mouse on the right partition handle and drag it rightwards. You will find the system partition has been extended already.

Extend C: drive

Finally, don't forget to click "Apply". With the help of Partition Assistant, we could resize partition on windows 7 easily and safely. Now you could free download partition magic windows 7 and make it assist you to manage your partition.

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