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How to Redistribute Free Space in Windows 7?

The necessity of redistributing free space

Sometimes, our hard drive is divided into a small C: drive and a relatively big data partition. Meanwhile, C: drive keeps running out of space, how can we make use of the free space to enlarge C: drive? As we know, there is "Extend Volume" feature in Disk Management, to extend a partition, there must be contiguous unallocated space behind it.

What if the unallocated space is not behind C: drive? In the scenario below, on disk 1, the contiguous unallocated space is behind G: drive, which means only G: drive could be extended. If we want to extend C: drive, we must switch the positions of the unallocated space and G: drive.

Unallocated Space

If so, we need to find solution to the problem. Fortunately, we've got the alternative of Disk Management - Aomei Partition Assistant Pro Edition which provides comprehensive features to maintain our partitions. With the help of this software, we can easily solve the problem above.

Firstly, launch Aomei Partition Assistant Pro Edition

Partition Assistant

Secondly, right-click G: drive and select "Move" option.

Move Partition

Then, in the window that pop up, drag it rightwards to move G: drive.

Move Drive

After the third step, the unallocated space would be moved behind C: drive, right-click C: drive and select "Resize".

Resize C Drive

In the dialog box that shows up, pull the mouse pointer on the right boarder rightwards to enlarge C: drive.

Enlarge C Drive

Here comes the last step, click "Apply" to confirm those operations. After clicking "Apply" the unallocated space will be added to C: drive.

Click Apply

In summary, Aomei Partition Assistant Pro Edition is all-in-one partitioning software. It can not only help you redistribute free space but also resize, move, extend, shrink, format partition. Why not free download partition magic for windows 7 it to experience its wonderful features.

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