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Partition Windows 7

When we fresh install Windows 7, the first thing we need to do is partitioning hard drive (make primary partition to contain the system data) with the Windows 7 installation disc. However, when the system install complete, how could we partition Windows 7? Reinstall system again? Actually, you need not do that, with some partition software for windows 7, you could achieve your goal easily.

Partition Software for Windows 7

Traditional Partition Software

When we mention partition software, the first product across our mind is Partition Magic-powerful partition software in the past. However, this software doesn't support Windows 7, because its owner (Symantec) announced they would no longer update partition magic, before Windows 7 released. Therefore, you could only experience its magic on Windows XP. Partition windows 7 you need other partition software.

The snap-in partition software for Windows 7

Like other Windows OS, windows7 has also built in a storage management-Disk Management. With help of this partition software, users could do some simple partition management, such as: create partition, delete partition, format partition. Nevertheless, if you want to do some advanced operation of partitioning windows 7, such as merge partitions, split partition, extend system partition without deleting other partitions, you could only use other third-party partition software which is special designed for Windows 7.

Latest partition magic Windows 7

Partition Assistant is be recommend as the latest professional partition magic for Windows 7 which could help you partition windows 7 without any scruple. This tool provides clearly interface, easy wizard guide, and data insurance. Partitioning windows 7 will be as easy as you expect.

One-Key partition windows 7 with professional partition software

If we partition windows 7 with other software, we need several steps often. For example, if we want to make new partition, we need first shrink one partition to release some unallocated space, then create new partition. If we want to extend one partition, we need first shrink one partition to release free space, and then move the free space next to the target partition, finally, add unallocated space into target partition. However, partition windows 7 with Partition Assistant all of the operation will be simplify.

One-key resize partition

With the function "Allocate free space", you could quick allocate free space from one partition to another.

partition magic 8 windows 7

Video about "Quick allocate free space".

One-key create partition

To create new partition, you need only right-click any partition on the main console then select "Create Partition", follow the wizard to complete operation. (Tips: you could create partition even there's no unallocated space')

resize partition

Tutorial about create partition without unallocated space
The two functions above is just a peace of iceberg of this partition software, now you could free download partition magic windows 7 to explore its magic on partitioning Windows 7 by yourself.

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