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Available Partition Tool for Windows 7 32 Bit and 64 Bit

Free partition tool for Windows 7

As the way to convince for users, Microsoft adds a free partition tool for Windows 7 called Disk Management. Right-click "my computer"-> "manage", then you will find it.

With the help of this free windows 7 partition tool, users could do some basic partition management, such as: Create partition, format partition, delete partition, and the new function in Windows 7-Resize partition. Right-click one partition then you could detect the new function.

Microsoft adds this new function to assist users resize partition without third-party tool. As we know in Windows XP, 2000, 2003, there's no free partition tool for people, if one who wants to resize partition, there were only two ways, reinstall operating system or purchase Partition Magic (a powerful partition tool in past).

Interestingly, before Windows 7 released, Symantec (the owner of partition magic) announced that Partition Magic would not support for Windows 7. This breaking news influenced a lot of users in that time. When Windows 7 released, users seem to clutch at a straw, some users believe that they would never need third-party partition tool to resize partition. General speaking, for some home users, the new feature in this partition tool Windows 7 could only solve some simple task, for some hard task, it could not handle, sometimes you will find the "extend volume" is grayed out, it doesn't work. (You could refer to "extend volume greyed out Windows 7")

Powerful partition tool for Windows 7

Therefore, users had to find other partition tool for Windows 7. Some excellent windows 7 partition tools are rapidly concerned by more and more users, such as Disk Director, GPard, and Partition Assistant, etc. Compare with these latest windows 7 partition tool, you could hardly find which one is better, anyone of them could assist you manage your partition well. You could find them through search Google. Here we offer a link to download partition magic for Windows7. You could also learn more information about how to manage partition in Windows 7 from the link below:

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