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Excellent Partition Software for Windows 7 both 32 Bit and 64 Bit

Windows 7 partition software is needed

People who find partition software for Windows 7 all know Windows 7 Disk Management's limitation about resize function. For various requirements, such as fix Windows 7 low disk space, extend Windows 7 system partition, etc, one of the best Windows 7 partition software - Aomei Partition Assistant Professional Edition can satisfy users' needs.

Solve low disk space problem for Windows 7

  1. The traditional solution — built-in Windows 7 Disk Management

    As we all know, Windows 7 built-in Disk Management put advanced feature compare to Windows XP/2000/2003. It can solve low disk space warning when continuous unallocated space is located next to the low space partition.

  2. Professional Windows 7 partition software — advanced & magic solution

    With Aomei Partition Assistant Pro Edition, solve Windows 7 low disk space warning will be a piece of cake. A few clicks with dragging operations, such operate methods can definitely simplify the difficult tasks.

    Partition Software for Windows 7

Summary: Besides the above two methods, people sometime can choose clean up the disk to enlarge the partition size. However, this is not the excellent method. Learn the article low disk space Windows 7 for detail.

Change partition size Windows 7 for the better proper size

Maybe one disk holds several partitions but each partition ran improper day by day. What's worse, move partition can not realize though Windows 7 Disk Management; at this time Aomei Partition Assistant Pro Edition which considered as Windows 7 partition software can change partition size for Windows 7 without any limitation and ensure data security.

Create new partition for Windows 7

Using Windows 7 Disk Management can not create logic partition—this is the acknowledged limitation. For this limitation, if one disk has already created four primary partitions, when create new partition it will remind you the change-- the disk will change into dynamic disk. So, in a sense, choose partition manager to create partition for Windows 7 as logic partition can avoid such change.

Additional features for Windows 7

Besides the above main features, Aomei Partition Assistant Pro Edition also supports some other convenient operations for people. Merge partitions Windows 7, shrink volume Windows 7, format partitions and wipe partitions for Windows 7, etc. Such features added in so that Aomei Partition Assistant Pro become all-in-one and powerful.

Final introduction for Windows 7 partition software

All the operations through Aomei Partition Assistant Pro Edition can be simplified because of its easy to use character. Furthermore, with its User Manual added in program, for users, even the green-hand, it also can be quickly and properly handled. download partition magic for windows 7 and experience now!

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