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Professional Partition Magic for Windows 7 64 bit

If you decide to upgrade your RAM larger than 4GB, Windows 7 64 bit OS is your only choice. As we know with 32-bit Windows, you're stuck at 4GB of RAM, and even then, you're only using about 3.3GB of it, give or take, as you see upgrade Windows 7 32 bit to 64 bit is necessary. Before upgrade you need notice that Windows 7 64 bit require a larger space to install than 32 bit, it requires at least 16GB free space (20GB is recommend). Therefore, partition windows 7 OS with reliable partition software is most important. Such as the latest partition magic windows 7 64 bit-Partition Assistant Professional Edition.

About Partition Magic Windows 7 64 BIT

Partition Assistant Pro Edition as the latest partition magic windows 7 which is special designed for partitioning Windows 7 64 BIT OS with some powerful features, such as:

  • Resize Partition Windows 7-Re-specify partition size in Windows 7 64 BIT OS
  • Move Partition-A miscellaneous function of "resize partition" which could help you reset location of partition
  • Merge Partitions-Quick combine two partitions into one without data loss.
  • Split Partition-Quick split one big partition into two small partitions so that making partition windows 7 64 bit become more easier
  • Create Partition-Make more partitions for different usages even there's no unallocated space.

resize partition

Now, you could free download partition magic windows 7 64 bit to enjoy its magic on partitioning Windows 7 64 BIT OS.

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