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Looking for partition magic 9

Recently, lots of people wonder whether there is any partition magic 9 or partition magic vista/windows 7 for solving their partition problems like low disk space windows 7, Vista resize partition such common problems. Fortunately, Partition Assistant is recommended as the latest partition magic 9.0 which do the reliable tasks as people expected.

Hot features of Partition Magic 9.0

Via the friendly user interface of partition magic 9 we can get the executable operations:

  1. Move and resize partitions

  2. Extend system partition (shrink data partitions)

  3. Copy partitions and copy disks

  4. The additional functions

Brief description for partition magic 9

  1. For the resize partitions operation, Partition Assistant can only take several clicks and dragging to finish the tasks, we also can choose the "Extend Partition Wizard" to process.
  2. For the copy function, two working methods provided within "Disk/Partition Wizards" to easily backup.
  3. Some additional features can help people check the bad sectors, wipe partitions, hide partitions and so forth.
  4. Preview the operations before click "Apply" in the "Pending Operations" box.
Free download Partition Magic 9 to view its magic.

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