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Practical Partition Magic 8 for Windows 7 32 bit 64 bit

Recently, I upgraded my Windows OS from XP to Windows7, however, now I get a problem "low disk space" shown on my system partition in Windows 7. In my experience, I could extend system partition by reduce other partition. And I used to do this with partition magic 8 in Windows XP, does partition magic 8 support Windows 7 also?

Unfortunately, the answer is "NOT"; partition magic 8.0 as the last version from Symantec could not support Windows 7. Before Windows 7 released, Symantec announced that they would no longer upgrade partition magic. Maybe the new function "Extend volume" and "Shrink Volume" in Windows 7 Disk Management impel Symantec abort partition magic 8.

However, after experience the disk management in Windows 7, you may find the new function is not as well as you expect. Sometime, you may find the "extend volume" is grayed out. This is cause by the limitation of disk management, the "extend volume" is alive when the unallocated space is next to the target partition only, or it may useless. For this limitation, users could not resize partition on Windows 7 easily and they have to find other partition magic 8 windows 7 alternatives, such as the latest magic partition for windows 7-Partition Assistant Professional edition.

New choice of "partition magic 8 windows 7"

Partition Assistant as the latest magic partition which is special designed for Windows 7 (include SP1) 32 bit and 64 bit. It provide more powerful function than partition magic 8 and disk management in Windows 7 on managing hard drive. Such as: resize partition, merge partitions, create partition without unallocated space, quick allocate free space and etc. Powerful function with operational procedures to achieve simplicity is the highlight of Partition Assistant.

Clearly interface

partition magic 8 windows 7

On the main console of partition magic 8 windodws 7, you could view all functions clearly.

Operation of human nature

resize partition

On the main console of partition magic 8 windows 7, Partition Assistant allows you resize partition directly; you could select one partition and drag the handle on both side of partition rightwards or leftwards to resize partition.

Preview the result of managing partition

partition magic 8 windows 7

All the result of operation will be showed on the main console directly, you could preview the all result before commit the operation.

download partition magic for windows 7 Pro Edition

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