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Error Message during Partitioning HP-Laptop

To most HP laptop users, when they get their laptops, they may find that the OEM has pre-installed Windows 7 and partitioned hard drive into four primary partitions already. However, the partition is not reasonable; they always set up a large C drive (system partition) with some small data partition. When the users want to create more partition or repartition the hard drive they always get the error message as below:

hard disk will convert to dynamic disk


Maximum number of partitions

This error message is caused by the limitation of the MBR basic disk. As we know a MBR basic disk could contain at most four primary partitions or three primary partitions with one extended partition (you could create many logical partitions under the extended partition). In the past, for this limitation we could only back up the data in "HP-TOOL" or "Recovery Partition". Then delete it and recreate the logical partition. But now, you need not do that any more. Partition Assistant as the latest partition magic for windows 7 could help you solve this problem in an easy way.

Solve Windows 7 hard drive partition problem

To solve this problem, the key is to reduce the numbers of the primary partition. With help of New upgrading Partition Assistant you could merge two primary partitions into one without deleting the existing partition then you could create more logical partitions.

Solution refers to:

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