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Partition Hard Drive in Windows 7 without Reinstalling and Formatting

Why should we want to partition hard drive Windows 7? Hard drive partitioning can make your computer run smoothly and is convenient for you to classify your files and documents quickly. Using Disk Management utility and other partition software can partition Windows 7 hard drive without reinstalling operating system and formatting. In view of this, I strongly recommend two methods to partition hard drive in Windows 7.

Step by step to partition hard drive with Windows 7 Disk Management

It is imperative for you to split a system drive into other drive for different purpose, which can manage your drive well. Such as C drive is only used to install operation system and procedural data, others for music, games and movies. However, in the case of no unallocated space on disk 0 as below screenshot, the unique method of creating a new volume is to shrink C drive to generate unallocated space.

Step1: Right click "Computer">"Manage">"Storage" to choose Disk Management option, and right click C drive to shrink volume.

Main Window of Disk Management

Step 2: After above step, the pop-up window will be shown, and you can enter the specific amount to shrink.

Shrink Volume

Step 3: Some unallocated space will be generated at the right of system partition by shrinking C drive , and right click Unallocated space to create new simple volume on disk 0; Clicking "Next" to follow the New Simple Volume Wizard can create a new partition.

Partition Hard Drive Windows 7

Partition magic Windows 7 to partition hard drive

Partition Magic Windows 7 – Aomei Partition Assistant Pro Edition can partition hard drive on Windows 7 without formatting and guarantee data safe, which has other features including resize/move existing partition, extend NTFS system partition, merge/split partition and copy partition, clone hard drive could optimize your computer performance. The following screenshots are displayed step by step to wizard.

Step1: Launch Partition Magic for Windows 7, right click C drive and select "Resize", the below dialogue box will be shown, you need to drag right handle leftwards to shrink drive C.

Shrink C Drive

Step2: Right click unallocated space to create, and then click "OK" option.

Create Partition

Step3: Now the changes can be previewed and also be listed in the "Pending Operations". Click "Apply" to perform them.

Apply Operation

Both methods are offered you how to partition hard drive in Windows 7. However, compared with those two methods, it is simple to see that Aomei Partition Assistant is more superior than Disk Management utility, basic function and without limitation on which partition create as. Why don't you directly download partition magic windows 7 to have a try.

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