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How to Make Partition in Windows 7 without Convert to Dynamic

How to make partition in Windows 7? General speaking, making a partition in Windows 7 or other Windows OS, is not a hard task. With the built-in Disk Management Windows 7 or Disk Part.exe command you could create or make new partitions easily.

Warning during make partition in Windows 7

However, before making a new partition in Windows 7, there are some rules that you need to pay attention. Or you may face the problem as below, When making a new partition in Windows 7, you may get system warning: "the disk you select will convert to dynamic disk".

waring during make partition in windows7

This problem always happens among Hp laptop users and other brand machine users. This is because the OEM has partitioned your hard drive already before you get your laptop, when you want to make partition in windows 7, there are already four primary partitions and as we know the MBR basic disk could contain at most 4 primary partitions. This is the reason why you will get this warring.

How to solve this warning?

It is clearly that the built-in disk management could not solve our problem. To solve this problem we need the new upgrading "partition magic for Windows 7" named Partition Assistant which could create partition without unallocated space and the limitation about numbers of primary partition . Here we have an example about solve this warning during make partition in Windows 7.

Step1. Launch Partition Assistant, right-click any non-system partition ( here I select F:) select "Create Partition".

create partition

Step2. In the pop-up window drag the slider rightwards or leftwards to specify the size of the new partition. Then click "OK".

create new partition size

Step3. After step2, it will back to the main interface of Partition Assistant, and click "Apply" to commit this operation. And you could see our new partition "G:" is at the end of the disk.

Apply create new partition

After a few minutes, the operation may complete successful. Now you could see the new partition in disk management, and your hard drive does not convert to dynamic disk.

create partition complete

Here we offer a quick link of the latest partition magic windows 7 download. If you want to resize the partition, please refer to

"How to resize partition in Windows 7"


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