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How to Extend Primary Partition in Win 7 Program When Extend Volume Grayed Out

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How to extend primary partition in Win 7 program? Through search Google, such kind of question seems commonplace. Why a large numbers of users want to extend primary partition in Win7?

It is well known that Windows 7 32 bit requires at least 15-20GB (Windows 7 64 bit requires 25GB-30GB) to install. However, most of us don't partition so much space for installing system in the age of Windows XP. Therefore, after upgrade to Win7, users always get the warning notice "Low Disk Space" as below:

This is the reason why we need to extend primary partition or extend boot partition in Win7. Unlike previous Microsoft operating systems, Windows 7 now allows for an easy, out-of-the-box method of extending system partition and making them larger.

Extend Primary Partition in Win7 by using Disk Management

Note: To extend primary partition there must be continues unallocated space behind it or the extend feature may grayed out. If there's not you could only delete the secondary partition to get free space.

Step1. Log on Windows 7 as Administrator. Right-click "my computer" ->select "Manage"->"storage"-> "Disk Management".

Step2. In the pop-up window, right-click the primary partition you want to extend, select "Extend Volume".

Step3. Then it will pop up the "Extend volume wizard". Follow the wizard to complete extending system partition.

The process will finish quite quickly, and a reboot is NOT required. You can notice the new partition size.

However, some times you may find the "Extend Volume" option is grayed out when you right-click the primary partition you want to extend. There are two situations that lead this happen.

Can't Extend primary partition in Windows 7 by Disk Management

Situation A. Some time you may find that you can not extend primary partition when you delete the secondary partition. The "Extend Volume" is grayed out. As below:

In this situation, please notice that the space behind the primary partition is "Free Space" not the "Unallocated Space". This kind of space is released by logical partition. When you delete or shrink a logical partition you will get a free space, but this kind of space could not be added into primary partition. Therefore, under this situation, the "Extend Volume" is greyded out. This is one of the limitations on Disk Management. To solve this problem you need to use other third-party software such as the latest Partition Magic Windows 7, you could refer to "How to change partition size in windows 7."

Situation B. The unallocated space is not behind the primary partition. As below:

In this situation, please notice that the unallocated space is not behind system partition C, therefore the "Extend Volume" grayed out. To solve this problem, we need first move the unallocated space behind the system partition, however you can't achieve this through Disk Management, please refer to the article "Solution for Windows 7: Extend Volume Greyed out in Disk Management".

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