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How to Create Extended Partition in Windows 7during Partition Hard drive

The total data storage space of a PC hard disk can be divided into at most four primary partitions, or alternatively three primary partitions and an extended partition. As we know we could create many logical partitions under extended partition. However, if your OS is Windows 7, you will find you can't create extended partition in Windows 7 with the built-in Disk Management. There's no option to select-creating primary partition or extended partition during partition hard drive.

Why we can't create extended partition in Windows 7?

In Windows XP, when you select an unallocated space there is an option for you to create "Primary partition" or "Extended Partition". As below:

However, in windows 7, there's a little change. When you create partition, there's no option to choose the partition type. Microsoft replaces manual selection with "roboticized".

When you get a new hard drive, the first three partitions will be created as primary partition, only the fourth partition would be created as extended partition (logical partition) automatically. And this may also cause some problem. Such as if you set up a large size to the first three partitions, and leave a little space for the last partition, when you want to create more partitions you will find there is a little room for you. To solve this, we could only pre-design the size of the partition or we could find other partition tool such as the latest partition magic for Windows 7 to assist us to create extended partition untrammeled.

Create extended partition by using partition magic for Windows 7

Download the latest partition magic for windows 7, right-click the unallocated space where you want to create extended partition, in the pop-up window, you could select "primary partition" or "logical partition (extended partition)" as below:

As you see, you could also resize partition during the operation. And you will never worry about how to create extended partition in Windows 7. You could learn more high lights of this Windows 7 partition manager.

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