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Solution for Windows 7: Extend Volume Greyed out or Disabled in Disk Management

Real and common problems in Windows 7

Do you have Windows 7 or Vista installed on C drive and looking for a way to extend volume? After reading different blogs and forums, I have found that most users are searching the solution. I recently received the following questions:

Qestion1: I have Windows 7 installed in C drive which is almost full, but my D partition is almost free and I don't use it much. I now want to extend my C drive. However, the "Extend Volume" greyed out. I don't know what to do!

Question2: I have 10GB unallocated space on my Windows 7. I want to add to system partition. I don't know why the "Extend Volume" is disabled. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Why "Extend Volume" greyed out or disabled?

Compared with Windows 2000/XP, the advantage of snap-in Windows 7 Disk Management is to allow users to resize partition with "Extend Volume" and "Shrink Volume". However, both the functions are only available under certain conditions.

For example, it enables you to extend volume if there is some unallocated space behind the partition, if not, you will see "Extend Volume" greyed out. In such case, to extend volume, you have to backup data and delete partitions.

Extend Volume Greyed out Windows 7

As we know it's time-consuming & risky to backup data and delete partition. So why not use more easier and safe Partition Magic Windows 7 to extend volume without backup and deleting?

How to extend volume in Windows 7?

As Partition Magic alternative, Partition Assistant Pro Edition is considered as all-in-one Magic for Windows 7 which can performance basic and advanced features, such as create partition, resize partition, shrink volume, clone partition/disk and convert FAT32 to NTFS, etc.

Step by Step instruction of extending Windows 7 volume:

Tips: To follow the tutorial, please download partition magic for windows 7 demo version and try.

Step1: Launch Partition Assistant Pro Edition.

Partition Magic Windows 7

Step2: Right-click D partition and select "Move".

Move Option

In the pop-up window, position mouse pointer on partition D and drag it rightwards, then click "OK".

Move Partition

Step3: After the steps above, the unallocated space will be behind C drive. Select C drive and drag the right handle rightwards to extend volume.

Extend Volume Windows 7

Step4: Click "Apply" to save the changes.

Click Apply

If there is no unallocated space on disk, you can shrink volume to free up some unallocated space in advance. By using Partition Assistant, it is very easy and safe to extend boot partition without "extend volume grayed out".

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