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How to Clone & Copy Disk to another Disk in Windows 7?

When need to copy disk in Windows 7?

Before upgrading your computer or buying new hard disk, disk copy/clone is very common. However, manually copy disk to disk is time-consuming. Furthermore, if one of the partitions contains operating system, disk copy can not be completed.

Windows 7 disk copy for better data backup

Now, there is no need to cost too much time to find a better solution. As one of excellent Windows 7 partition manager - Aomei Partition Assistant Pro Edition is a versatile & reliable partitioning tool with the powerful disk/partition copy functions. It has been considered to be the best method to clone disk to another from the customers' feedbacks.

Instruction of disk copy in Windows 7

  1. Launch Aomei Partition Assistant Pro Edition.

    Partition manager windows 7 interface

  2. Right click the source disk and choose "Copy" option, then get the next pop out new window:

    Copy Disk Windows 7

    Disk copy methods

    There are two copy methods provided for choosing. Generally, we choose the "Recommended" method to copy disk and click "Next".

  3. Select the destination disk in the disks list:

    Select destination disk

    Copy disk reminder

    The pop-up window will remind you the data on the target partition will be lost.

  4. To this step, we need to edit the new disk size (choose the method by default, the next two situations will be introduced in "Direction" part):

    Edit disk size

  5. Before click "Finish", please read the information about boot operating system method carefully as below shows:

    Brief boot operating system info

  6. Back to the main interface, take the changes into effect by clicking" Apply" on the toolbar.

Copy disk in Windows 7 direction

  1. For the step2, choose the "Disk Copy Wizard" in left sidebar, directly click the "Copy" button on the toolbar or choose in "Disk Operations" box to start copy disk are all available.

  2. For the step4, we explain the brief info for your generally understanding.

    • Copy without resizing partitions

      Choose this method means the new disk will remain the source disk's status—the same partition size. If the source disk is smaller than the new disk, there will be some unallocated space remains; it can be created as another partition if necessary.

    • Fit partitions to entire disk

      It will adjust the whole new disk size automatically, it is different from the method 1, and there is no unallocated space any longer.

    • Edit partitions on this disk

      Choose this method means you can adjust each partitions size as you like.

  3. For the last step, it is the key click because the changes only can be processed.

  4. Through the whole operation, the important files and data integrity also can be ensured.

  5. Dynamic disk can not be supported currently.

Download partition magic Windows 7 to clone disk for trial

As the versatile partitioning utility, clone disk is only one of the highlights. download partition magic for windows 7 this partition manager to copy disk in Windows 7 efficiently then enjoy the convenience about resize/move partition, change Windows 7 partition size, wipe partition, etc.

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