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How to create Windows 7 Partition Software WinPE bootable CD?


  • Boot it via CD/DVD, USB flash drive, to manage hard drives without having installed OS;
  • Manage hard drives without installing anything on your computer;
  • Rebuild damaged MBR, when computer can not boot;
  • Recover damaged partition table;
  • Keep as a backup for future use;
  • Also it will be safer to work under WinPE mode.

How to create WinPE bootable CD?

  1. Download software from partition-magic-windows7.html

    Launch Windows 7 partition software select Make Bootable CD Wizard in the left panel or in the main menu click Wizard-> Make Bootable CD Wizard;
  2. When you enter the wizard, it will detect that whether your system has installed Windows AIK or not. If not, please first download Windows AIK and installed it. After that click Next to continue;
  3. Store the ISO file to a proper place and click Proceed to continue;
  4. After a while the process will be completed, click "Finish" to abort it;
  5. Now you can use 3rd-party burning software and follow the tutorial how to burn ISO file to CD/USB to create Partition Assistant WinPE bootable CD;
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