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How to Solve Windows 7 and Vista C Drive Running Out of Space without Formatting?

Common problem in Windows 7

The running out of space partition will be shown as red while access "Computer" like following picture.

C: drive running out of space Windows 7

There must be many users facing low disk space on C drive problem, as they allocated the basic capacity (usually only 20GB) for Windows 7. But majority of them ignore the fact that Windows updates and program installations will be stored in.

Follow the solution to low disk space in Windows 7

Follow the below instruction to fix Windows 7 low disk space problem with Aomei Partition Assistant Pro Edition.

Step1. Launch Aomei Partition Assistant Pro Edition. Get the overview information of disks and partitions.

Disks partitions info overview from the interface

Step2. Select D: partition and drag the left side rightwards to free up some space to extend C: drive.

Shrink D: partition

Step4. Click "Apply".

Why choose 3rd party tool?

Windows 7 Disk Management, like Windows Vista and Server 2008, still not allow users to directly resize partition (can not support move partition).

Generally speaking, reliable partition utility plays important role in solving C drive running out of space in Windows 7. We can easily find the superiority of Aomei Partition Assistant Pro Edition. Actually, it is also considered as the Windows 7 partition manager.

Free software for home users

For 32-bit computer, Aomei Partition Assistant Home Edition is a free all-in-one partition manager software and reliable disk management utility.

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