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One-Key Allocate Free Space from One partition to Another in Windows 7

In our last post we have discussed why allocating free space failed in Windows 7 by using the snap-in disk management. Today we will introduce you how to allocate free space from one partition to another directly without any data loss.

As we know the snap-in Windows 7 disk management could not help us allocate free space from one partition to another, because it's miss an important function "move partition". However, on the internet you could find much partition software which integrates this function and allows you to resize partition. But most of them could not help you get this goal directly, you could only reach this goal by three steps: shrink partition->move partition->extend partition. It is clearly that this is not the simplest way; here we have another solution which you just need "one-key click" then the free space will be allocated into the target partition.

One-key allocate free space by Partition Magic Windows 7

As latest partition magic windows 7 alternative-Partition Assistant which could help you manage hard disk in windows 7 easily. With the special internal feature, you could realize allocating free space from partition to another through "one-key clicking". Below is an example about how to allocate free space with Partition Assistant.

Download partition magic windows 7 and launch it, on the main console, the partition configuration will be lay out. In this example, you could view there are four partitions, the system partition (drive C) is too small and the data partition (F :) is large enough. Our aim is allocate the free space from partition F: to partition C.

Partition magic windows 7

Step1. Right-click drive F: select "Allocate Free Space".

allocate free space

Step2. In the pop-up window, input the size of the free space that you want to allocate into partition C: then click "OK".

allocating free space

After that, it will back to main interface; you could preview the result before commit the operation. After make sure the free space has been allocated into target partition, click "Apply" to commit our operation.


Watch video tutorial about how to allocate free space quickly

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