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How to Merge Partitions in Windows 7?

Merge partitions with Win7 snap-in Disk Management

Compared with Windows 2000/XP, Win7 built-in Disk Management contains two new functions "Shrink Volume" and "Extend Volume". With them, the two adjacent partitions can be merged in Windows 7. Here is an example of merging D drive to C.

Step1: Open Windows 7 Disk Management.

Step2: Delete D volume, don't forget to backup the data of it in advance. After deleting, D will become an unallocated space.

Step3: Right click on C and select "Extend Volume", and follow the extending instructions to increase C.

Tip: Win7 extending function is only available when there is an unallocated space behind the volume that we want to extend. If not, it is invalid.

The limitations of merging partitions with Windows7 Disk Management

  1. The two nonadjacent volumes can't be merged into one. For example, drive E cannot be merged to C if D is between them.
  2. The unallocated space can not be merged to C if it is not behind C.
  3. It takes a lot of time to backup data.

Based on the shortcomings above, it is necessary to find a professional and powerful partition manager to manage our hard disk drive. AOMEI Partition Assistant, as a magic partition software, is a good choice to computer users.

How to merge partitions with AOMEI Partition Assistant?


  1. Only two contiguous volumes can merged into bigger one.
  2. Data volume can be merged to system volume, while system volume cannot be used to extend data volume.
  3. In Windows 7, "System Reserved" volume can not be merged.
  4. Partition Assistant supports at most two partitions merging every time.
  5. The unallocated space and the target partition should be on the same hard disk.
  6. We could not only merge two adjacent volumes, but also can merge the unallocated space to one volume no matter where it is located.

Step1: Launch AOMEI software, right-click on F: and select "Merge".

Step2: In the dialog box, tick the two partitions that need to be merged and select one as the target the volume. (For example, if we want to add G: to F:, so F is the target volume). Then click "OK".

Step3: Click "Apply" on the toolbar to save the changes.

AOMEI software, as an all-in-one disk manager, also contains many other helpful functions, such as extending system volumes to improve computer performance, copying disk nondestructively, creating new partitions to classify different kinds of data and converting between FAT32 and NTFS file system, etc. What's more, it supports many operating systems, including Windows2000/2003/XP/vista/7/2008/8 both 32 and 64 bit.

So please free download this cool disk manager to manage disk well.

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