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Split C Drive into Two Partitions in Windows 7

The limitation of splitting C with Win7 built-in Disk Management

I purchased a new notebook computer recently, and there is only one large volume partitioned by the manufacturer on the hard disk. Such a distribution is not what I want, I just like to have two volumes — one for Windows operating system and computer programs, another for my personal data (movies, music, photos, etc).

In order to repartition it, I tried to use the "Shrink Volume" and "New Simple Volume" of Windows 7 built-in Disk Management to create a new volume. However, it didn't work as I expected. After I finishing all the wizards, the program reminded me if I want to create a new dynamic disk at last. Due to the bad experience of dynamic disk, I refuse it, and the entire process is stopped.

How to split C drive in Windows 7 easily and safely?

From the above, we can know it is impossible to use Win7 snap-in Disk Management to split C drive into two volumes. Meanwhile, system volume is used to store operating systems and important files/documents, so each step of the process may lead to system crash or data loss. Based on these conditions, a powerful and reliable third-party tool is the best way to split C drive.As a professional and magic partition software, AOMEO Partition Assistant Pro Edition can assist us in creating new volumes without deleting or formatting or reinstalling OS.

Here is an example of splitting C drive into two volumes with AOMEI disk manager.

Step1: Install and launch it, right click on C and select "Split Partition".

partition magic windows 7

Step2: In the dialog box, drag the slider bar leftwards or rightwards to specify the size of the new volume. Then click "OK".

Split partition

Step3: Click "Apply" in the toolbar to save the changes.

All done, we will find a new volume on the hard disk drive and all the data in C drive is undamaged. In addition to splitting volume, AOMEI software also contains many other features, such as creating/deleting/formatting volume, converting primary volume to logical and vice versa, and resizing/merging/coping volumes, etc. So, please free download this easy to use software and see how it works.

Download Link: http://www.partition-magic-windows7.com/download.html

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