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How to Delete Partition in Windows 7?

Question: I have a Windows 7 operating system and I have created two volumes by mistake. I would like to remove the new generated one without doing any damage to the original one. I have not found any information on this subject, who can give me some suggestion?

Answer: This question is very common in many disk partition forums. When we feel that some volumes on the hard disk are not that important, we may want to delete them.

Delete partition in Windows 7 with powerful software

We all know there is a great improvement on Windows 7 built-in disk management, if users want to delete the unimportant volume, Windows 7 built-in disk management tool can do some help. However, if the volume that we want to delete contains a lot of important files and personal data, we should use a free and powerful third-party software, such as AOMEI Partition Assistant, to delete or even wipe the volume in case the confidential information would be recovered by some recovery software.

AOMEI disk management tool is a highly-recommended software to manage hard drive. With its help, we can delete partition in Windows 7 easily and safely. Here is a screenshot of this software to show us its user-friendly interface:

Main Interface


  • If there is only a single partition on the hard drive, we can't delete it.
  • We also can't delete the system volume and boot volume.
  • Before deleting, we have to know that all the data on the volume will be erased, so don't forget to back up the important files and documents.

Besides Delete Partition function, AOMEI disk manager also has some other features that allow users to deal with the useless partition, such as deleting all partitions when we choose a disk or wiping partition to remove the data permanently. So please click here to download this multi-functional software.

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