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How to Clone Hard Drive to New One in Windows 7 32/64 Bit?

When one of the partitions is running out of space, we could use the built-in Windows 7 Disk Management to do some basic partition resize. However, when the hard drive is out of space, what should we do? In such case, it is necessary to upgrade hard drive to a new larger one by clone hard drive Windows 7.

Why we need to clone hard drive in Windows 7?

After purchasing a new larger hard drive, it is much safer and more convenient to make an identical copy of old small hard drive than reinstall Windows 7 system and all applications. However, how to clone hard drive in Windows 7? Is there any windows 7 clone software which could complete the task easily without losing data and ensure bootable from new hard drive? The answer is "YES". Partition Assistant Professional Edition is a Windows 7 partition manager which is designed for Windows 7 both 32-bit and 64-bit, even though the latest Windows 7 SP1, Partition Assistant could also perform other basic and advanced features.Becasue of this it is recommended as the latest partition magic windows 7 by most users. View more features.

Partition Assistant helps clone hard drive in Windows 7


  • "sector-by-sector copy", the target disk must be equal or larger than the source disk.

  • System/Boot disk, dynamic disk, GPT disk and offline disk cannot be selected as a target disk.

  • If there were some data on a target disk, all the data will be erased after you apply the changes.

Step1. Launch Partition Assistant Professional Edition, select the disk you want to clone (here we select disk 1 as source disk), right-click and select "copy".

Main interface of PAP

Step2. In the pop-up window, there are two methods. To ensure clone the whole disk, please select "sector-by-sector copy" and click "Next".

Clone Hard Drive Method

Step3. In the next window, select a disk as the target disk (here we select disk 2) then click "Next".

Select target disk

Step4. In this window, it would remind some relevant note about "boot OS from new hard drive".

Boot Note

Step5. Back to the main interface, click "Apply" on the tool bar to achieve the changes.

Apply Operations

Set boot OS from new hard drive

After clone hard drive in Windows 7, we could remove the old disk, and then reboot OS from the new hard drive. Restart computer, enter "BOIS Setting"=> "Boot"=> "Hard drive" then use the "+/-" to reset the boot sequence. Finally, click "F10" to save and restart the computer.

Set Boot OS from New Hard Drive

After setting up, you could access Windows 7 from the new hard drive. You will find data from your old drive have been cloned to the new hard drive, and you could also use this Windows 7 partition manager to resize partition without any risk. Now you could download partition magic for windows 7 the trail edition to experience its magic.

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