As computer users, you may encounter many problems during the daily use, such as system crash. That is mainly because the low disk space of C drive, which will caused marvelous loss.

C Drive

C drive is a partition on hard disk drive, which is always used to store large size operating systems. The information on a hard disk may become fragmented after a few weeks, so defragment the hard disk every week may be a good idea to prevent the disk from running out of space. However, in this rapid development of information era, the updates and installations of systems is too often. So, just deleting the unnecessary files of C partition or defragmenting the volume is not going to work. What really need to do is increasing C drive space.

Increase C drive space in widows 7

There is no significant improvement of Windows 7 Disk Management Tool comparing with Windows Vista, the same limitations in partition management are still exist. For example, we can’t reset the locations of volume and can’t add the unallocated space to C volume, if there is D drive between them.

In this condition, we need to find a third-party partition manager software for Windows 7, vista, 8. AOMEI Partition Assistant, an excellent hard disk division software, supports all Windows operating systems and break the limitations of Windows snap-in tool. It allows moving partition to change the location, merging the unallocated space to increase C drive space, resizing partition to make the best use of the hard drive, and creating new volumes to store different kinds of files, etc.

The whole interface of this software

Free download this free partition manager and install it to experience more surprising and powerful features.


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